Server compatibility checklist

Your PHP version is 7.2.34
mysqli extension is installed
mod_rewrite is not enabled
display_errors is turned off
hash is installed
curl is installed
gettext is installed
simplexml is installed
curl_exec is installed
curl_multi_exec is installed

If you do not pass the compatibility test, either adjust your server settings via php.ini or contact your hosting support. A search via Google for more information may help as well.

mod_rewrite may not be detected especially if you're on a shared server. If the mod_rewrite item is yellow, you can still proceed to install Sendy. If you get a "404 page not found error" after being redirected to the login page, check this thread on our forum for the fix.


Make sure to configure your database credentials and specify the URL to your Sendy installation in includes/config.php before continuing.

Also, don't forget to read our Get Started Guide to help you get Sendy up and running.

Install Sendy